Champion Trophy overall

Champion Trophy 2017 has over, at last Pakistan  become the champion. If we will see back from start, it was very successful  event.  Last half of the tournament  was more Dramatic, thrilled and surprised.
At the start of the event everyone was taking England,
India or South Africa as a prospective​  winner. But what happened it was totally different. As a point of one day cricket it was very good & give the new life to one day cricket. But if we will see
all matches T20 impact look very clearly. As pitch in the favour of bat, batsman just on the top, no bowler could impact even he will be best in rank. Same with bowler orientated pitch only bowler on top,  even kohili,  deviller, Morgan like batsman could not do more. Fighting spirit totally have disappeared in batsman or bowler. People like to see a good fight between bat & ball, not a one side match which will go on single track.
Let's talk about tournament, this tournament  just give the massage  now favourite  concept have just gone from limited  over cricket, any team in any match can defect to anyone. Now you cannot  go blindly on one team side, so before cheer for any team be careful now picture get changed. As cricket change colours, you should be like this take quick decision & change frequently  according  conditions.
This tournament show that thumb rule do not work in limited  over cricket, you have to go with conditions. As you will see India team first they were going on with 4 fast bowler they just lose with Sri Lanka. After they adopt 2 spinner so at last lose final.  So team will have to flexible  with strategy.
One more point just raised  here, big name not impact on  result, so do not think on Base of particular  player team will perform. Just keep the eye on full team performance. There zeal to win, team killing instant.
So,  this was the tournament  of surprise &  in our previous  article we clearly mention Pakistan  going to upset.
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