Champion Trophy-2017 Final.

Finally Champion Trophy reach at own destiny,at last stage whose are standing to grab the cup. India & Pakistan biggest rival in Cricket field. People die to see there fight, emotion get on the top and thrill run so fast in the body. Yeah it happened in the match between India & Pakistan .

At the start nobody was thinking final will be between two those. Everyone was guessing England, South Africa, India or New Zealand, any two of those will be in final. Asian just happy at least there is one match between India & Pakistan at league stage.  Now both team are waiting for Sunday to fight each other in Final.
If we just think about League stage match which happened between those it seems India will beat easily Pakistan. As Pak played against India there team looked so nervous and like underdog.India play like champion in full tournament, they lose  only one match just after make 300+. 
Other side Pak just win all match after struggle except one with South Africa.If we will see by current foam India looking strong. stop do not decide so early as India will be winner. 
Some good thing also in the favor of pak. No.1 they have good captain, no.2 good fast bowling attack & No.3 and most important they did fight in every match and get the victory. Now they become mature to fight and know to win a match in tough condition. i think there captain is best for pak in last 10 year. he use mind, never hesitate to take risk.So, we just hope it will be a good fight between indian bat vs Pak Bowl. 
Lets see who win. Just keep in the mind that was the tournament of upset, who know at last pak will do one more here.