Cricket Virtual bet – Winning strategy

Hello guys, today in that post we will discuss about virtual bet strategy as you can hit the chart top. 
Type of strategy -  
There are many strategy used by persons, in which some most popular we will discuss. 
Straight strategy -  
In that person just play straight as win or lose. He decide at the start of the match that on which team he will favor and put all virtual bet in the favor of that team.  At every stage of the match he just favors that particular team.  He could put the virtual bet also before the match and see till last what happen. 
Risk factor – High
Profit – High
Lose – High
Tension – High
Irritation - High

So, Guys you see here all things are high so we don’t recommend to adopt it.

In - out strategy -
In that person just play fast as put virtual bet again and again.  He just enters in the virtual bet and as profit comes just close the virtual bet. 
Risk factor – Low
Profit – Low
Lose – Low
Tension – Low
Irritation – High
In that basically person do one mistake, as profit show he just book early even more profit could come.  When lose show there, he just thinks here profit will come and wait.  In that case at last he has to face big lose.  In that case fear plays a major role in the mind of person. 

Favorite team strategy -
In that person just see which team is favorite at the start of the match and put the virtual bet in the favor of that team. 
Risk factor – Medium
Profit – Medium
Lose – Medium
Tension – High
Irritation – High
Here person basically could not keep the proper patience as he could put the virtual bet at right odds at right times.  He always gets in hurry to put the virtual bet and do the mistake or his fear just let him close the virtual bet before potential profit.  To use this strategy person just have proper patience and discipline. 

Odds strategy -
In that, person just plays on odds.  He just waits for odds come in his budget range and put the virtual bet.
Risk factor – High
Profit – Low
Lose – High
Tension – High
Irritation – High
Basically in that strategy person just found the lose because he just focus on the odds and forget about match situation.  Here person always found himself in the side of loser team.
Jackpot strategy -
Jackpot and odds strategy are very similar.  There only one difference in jackpot person pick the team at just at bottom odds and wait till then that team win.
Risk factor – Low
Profit – High
Lose – Low
Tension – High
Irritation – High
Here person basically could not keep the patience till the last of match as jackpot could complete.  In that strategy one more problem is that its success ratio not more than 5% – 6%. 
 Guys here we mention some strategy which used.  But no one have success ratio more than 60%.  So, comes in the mind how can hit the virtual bet chart at the top.  After doing many work on data and research we found some points, if person will follow those his success ratio could reach up to 85% - 90%.  These points we bound and make MONEYMATH golden tips.

MONEYMATH Golden Tips -
1.    Mind set
2.     Patience
3.     Discipline
4.    Budget
5.     Profit Planning
6.    Lose Planning

Mind set -
First thing first, every fight person wins by mind.  So, before do anything person must set own mind according to that.  In virtual bet some basic thing which person must always memorize as his mind could set for winning platform.
1.     Its cricket most unpredictable game.  Anything anytime could change. 
2.     You could not win every virtual bet. 
3.     It’s not important how many virtual bet you win or lose.  Important is that how much profit you make at the last of match.
4.    Live in reality.  What has happened in the match only that is real all other is just imagination.  So, never get rigid on any particular team or player.  Try to make your mind realistic.
5.     Keep in mind you are here for profit not for virtual bet. 

Patience -
Always keep the patience till then match will not come in your budget.  Never hurry to put the bet just think, anytime you can put the virtual bet even if that match is finish without  virtual bet, daily there get many matches where you can try your luck.  Always recall in the mind you are here for profit not for virtual bet.  Just wait for right time when picture about to see little clear. 

Discipline -
Person always must be discipline in virtual betting.  Always keep your budget in your mind and wait for right time.  Follow your pattern of virtual bet which you decide before match.  Never get overexcited or depress. Never break own rule which you made for virtual betting.

Budget -
It’s very important that you will make a particular budget for every match which will not affect your personnel life if you lose that.  So just decide amount handsomely.
Now decide which type virtual bet you want to put, virtual bet on win or lose match or split virtual betting like session.  Now we will distribute money for your particular virtual bets.   
Example – As we take amount 10000.  So, just see how we should distribute it on particular virtual bet. 
Match win or lose – 5000
Split bet (session) – 5000
Match wins or loses just spilt money in minimum two parts 2500-2500 or you may more.
One part 2500 keep for virtual bet first and second part 2500 for backup virtual bet.
 As match going on and you feel it’s the right time to put the virtual bet then only put half of your match budget amount 2500.  Now wait if condition not go in favor and you feel it must come your side but odds about move more than 50% of your virtual betting odds then put except 2500 on that.  By this you will find the support to settle average odds value.
Example - Match going on South Africa vs. New Zealand, you put the virtual bet in the favor of South Africa win at the odds of 50, but match not going according to your expectation and odds reach at 80 than put 2nd lot of amount on that.
Same above thing you can do with session too.

Profit Planning -
In virtual bet we suggest always decide in your mind how much profit you want from your investment.  It is the most important factor which give you right decision ability to your mind.
Example – As your budget for match is 10000, so just decide how much % of this you will earn, it may 20% or 30% or 50% return on amount.  Practically 40% return of amount is most suitable in virtual bet.  40% return you can make very easily and further could enjoy the match.  How much big return you fixed that much more risk you take. 

Lose Planning -
As above we say about profit planning, person must plan for lose.  If lose happened there then how much amount should be which will not affect your personal finance condition. 
All above things are basic if you want to improve your strategy success rate; it’s not matter what strategy you are using.  If you follow above things strategy success rate must be improve 20% - 30%.
Now talk about some basics before decide the strategy.  These points are very important by those you can tuned your strategy for profit. 
1.     60% to 70% match always goes in the favor of favorite.  Favorite means which teams odds rate get less to win before match.
2.     90% match changed or means jackpot comes by favorite. 
3.     30% match just go straight in the favor of favorite.
4.    75% favorite gives the chance to cover up your virtual bet.
5.     As match format bigger that much operator favor to favorite.
6.    Power play is the most risky zone for virtual bet.
7.     If you are quick decision maker than any match last 20% time is most suitable and profitable.

Conclusion -
At lasts our main aim to make the profit and hit the chart at top.  So, guys try to implement our suggestion in your strategy and rock the world.  For any further guidance or clarification you can message us at blog comment box.
Thanking you