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Hello guys today we will talk about fixing tipper and reality.

Fixing :

Those days many people talk about match fixing and say every match get fix.  In real its have totally different scenario about which they have no idea.  People say match was fixed in the favor of team A or team B.  It is not as simple as they think.  Fixed a match is a quite tough thing.  Just try to understand, to fix a match about 6 player of a team should be trapped.  Is it possible?  That’s we can see in the Hansie Cronje case, as he tell in his statement that he try to fix match but some time trap player forget the strategy and match could not get fixed.  So question here is  if match not get fixed than what happened?  As we study about 1000 matches, we found some patterns which give some slight idea about this, we are not saying about any fixing.  We are saying about only those patterns.
   Surprise change in behavior –
We saw in many matches’ data that player at once behave very strange manner.
Example –
1.   Team A doing batting very good run rate, score 7 over 45 /0 and after that they got very slow and next 3 over put only 6 or 8 run on board as they not loss any more wicket.
2.   Team A in bad position, score in 7 over is 24/3 and after that very fast and put 24 runs in next 3 over as they lose 1 more wicket.
Above example for virtual bet sessions.
Conclusion - I’m not saying fixing happened, but if it happened according to me they got fixed strategy-
Example –
1.   Fixer deal with teams must be like this – In first 10 over, first 7 over you play as you want but in next 3 over put less than 12 or any maximum specific run on board.
2.   Fixer deal with teams must be like this – In first 10 over, first 7 over you play as you want but in next 3 over put more than 24 runs or any minimum specific run on board.
If match get fixed it, should be like this –
Example –
T20 match, if team A fix the match fixer must say to that, team B make small score than you play with high run rate as nobody get the chance to cut the bet.  Team B make high score play normal in start and last try to win. 
For above those theories I have specific reason –
1.   Previous data show those patterns in study.
2.   If we think deeply so we will find that how much amount need to fix match that’s could be provide by a group not individual.  If we say group may then that group must have the resources to earn back that investment.  So comes in the picture our operator, because he has resources to earn back investment and a sufficient fund to invest. 
So if anyone thinks that any individual can just fix the match that’s chance only 0001%.
So, keep in the mind if fixing event gets occurred, maximum chance to give benefit to you operator, Because he have the network to just double or triple own investment.


Those days many individual and group providing Tipping services on cricket matches. Those are two types in the Market-
1.   Work On Data Base
2.  Work on Information Base
First we take Data Base. Data base tipper we should called Predictor. They work on previous data, current conditions and Teams current performance, after that they predict. There accuracy depends on how they are using data or they could trace any pattern which probity is good to predict.
Now we talk about information base, many guys those days say that as  they have perfect information who win, all match get fixed, even till toss too.
Here I just ask some simple question-
1.   Who have money to invest fix a match?
2.  Who have network & Resources to get double & triple fixing investment?
Answer for all is operator. So why he will ruin own business to provide fixing information in market, even he also not provide own associate.
To understand this we have to go little deep. What the fixed income of our operator & what really he is doing?
Operator fixed income is match line which rent per month he collect.  Maximum number of line, maximum earning for him. How will increase the number of line?  When people whose get line and earning good by that. If operator associate will earn then his brand loyalty will develop, more people will be associate with him and who associate with him never think to leave him.
Above also reason that’s show operator have maximum chance and need to fix any match.
So, guys now I ask you first operator will invest for fixing then give that report in market to kill his basic business.
Now question is that then what do information base tipper?
They also do same as predictor just work on data, chose best which look to him and make report. In market they say that all match fixed and they have report just buy it. They work in chain, even in that chain many associate also do not know it is data base report they think report coming from fixing resource.
Except of that some smarter Tipper also in market, they work on following pattern-
1.   Favorite- Just checks it out who is favorite before match on any site; just make report in his favor and sale.
2.  Probability Base-   Simple game any team winning probability is 50%. Just give half client to team A win & other Half to team B win. At least 50% client will be satisfied and will fetch more clients for you.
Many other patterns there, but those above are most popular.


Guys I try to explain everything to you. If we talk about reality, split fixing could be but it never sale in open market. Match Prediction possible depend on person caliber that is doing.
So, guys for today its only, our next post we talk about virtual bet winning strategy.  Till then thanking you and bye.
Guys you are not doing comment and feed back to us.  Kindly do that for our motivation.