Match Prediction- Day 3rd, 4th Investec Test: England v Pakistan at The Oval, Aug 11-15, 2016

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Day 3rd

 Match will open: England Favorite

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Expected Score of 2nd inning:

 First 100 overs:

Score: 367– 373 Expected total wicket: 7

First 110 overs:

Score: 396 – 402 Expected total wicket: 8

First 120 overs:

Score: 428 – 434 Expected total wicket: 10

Expected Score of 2nd inning:

 First 10 overs:

Score: 28 – 34 Expected total wicket: 1

First 20 overs:

Score: 50 – 57 Expected total wicket: 2

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Result 3rd  day:

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