Virtual Bet – Operator strategy and client mistake

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Hello guys, today in this post we will discuss about virtual bet operator strategy and clients mistake.
To understand the operator strategy, first we have to understand monkey trap strategy.

Monkey trap strategy

In monkey trap how human caught the monkey, human just put some peanuts which hole is smaller and place it where monkeys are mostly move around.  Monkey saw the peanuts and put his hand in port to take the peanut.  What happened – monkey try to take maximum no. of peanut in hand and when he try to take out, his hand got stuck in  due to his big grip and pots narrow face.  So monkey stuck there and human just caught him.

Operator strategy

Virtual bet operator strategy is very similar to monkey trap, he put two pots, in one put more peanuts and others less peanuts.  He say to us chose anyone .

1. More Peanut (weak Team)      2.Less Peanut (strong Team)

Clients mistake

1.   Greed - First and most common mistake client do due to his greed.  Due to his greed he always think to earn
Maximum buy less.  So he go more peanut pots side, as pots face is so narrow.  Means he go for weak team side.
2.  Fear - Most common mistake he does due to his fear.  Due to his fear he cut the bet earlier, to more clear when his bet about to win he think to safe and cut the bet at minimum profit.
3.  Odds attraction - Person always attracts to maximum profit side odds and just ignores the team strength and match conditions. Like monkey trap pot 1.
4.  Player attraction - Person always go there favorite player side and put the virtual bet on the base of him.  Just avoid the strength of team without him and playing condition.
5.  Lack of courage – Person have not gut to book the lose as he book the profit, even his team looking to lose straight forward.  If he has capability to book lose as he book profit loses always will be miner. As monkey
Never open his hand to release peanut as he could get Free.
6.  Bet timing – This is most important thing in which clients mostly do the mistake.  Just understand in a T20 match when you have the maximum time to settle your bet or fix your mistake.  So straight forward answer is at the start of match.
So my advice when you put the bet always checks how much time you get to settle it.
7.   Peanut attraction -  person need always whole peanut like monkey even if he leave just some of that, he can easily get out his hand with profit. Person do not try to book profit both side even in very less invest he can do.
Example- person put virtual bet on 90 odds at team A and rate come at 10 odds ,he never think as put lay bet on 10 odds as  some profit also will be book on Team B.
So, guys these are common mistake person make in virtual bet and got trap like monkey. So always keep in mind monkey trap when do virtual bet.
Next post we discuss about Match Fixing, Tipper & Reality.
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