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Hello guys today we are going to tell how odds gets fix for the match.

In the match odds depend on the following factors –

1.    Team performance
2.    Pitch condition
3.    Individual player performance
4.    Match format
5.    Weather forecast
6.    Toss winner

Now, let’s start from team performance.

Team Performance –

First see the teams last few match performance mostly 5 matches, basis on that operator decide who will be the favorite and what should be the odd at the start of the match.  Here he also keeps in the mind the reputation of the team. 

Example –
Match between Australia vs. Sri Lanka T20
Today scenario Australia very strong and also have good bounce back capability in the match.  Australia reputation compare to Sri Lanka also good.  So here operator will finalize Australia as a favorite.
Favorite roll is very important in match, we will discuss it later.

Pitch Condition –

At the start of the match pitch condition take a very important part in to finalize the odds.  Operator check it out pitch is looking in which team favor. 

Example –
Match – Australia vs. India T20
If match is in perth Australia, as we know its support to fast bowler.  Today scenario operator will support to Australia and open the odds in the favor of as 70_72 Australia.
If that match in Sydney as we know, its support to spinner so, operator will slightly move to India side and give the odds 90_90 both.

Individual Players Performance –

This factor matter so much after start the match.  Operator always pin point the key player of both team and according to that change the odds after start the match.

Example –
Match – South Africa vs. India T20
Match was open 90_90 both, South Africa score after 2 over 16/1, so here he will change odds 80_82 India.
After 4 over score 30/2, than odds will be 72_73 India.
Now game start of the individual player performance, AB de vileres on the pitch.  If  AB de vileres play 2 over and no more wicket down odds will be come back at 80_82.
If wicket down in 5 or 6 over than
1.     AB de vileres out odd will be 36_37.
2.   Other player out odds will be 60_63 and it will bounce back so fast till than AB deviler on the pitch.

Match Format –

Match format is very important to fix and variation of the odds.  How much format will be short that much odds difference of team will be less and that fast odds will be move.

Example –
Match between Australia vs. South Africa
1.    Test Match – odds 60_62 Australia
2.    One day match – odds 72_74 Australia
3.    T20 – odds 90_90 both

Weather Forecast –

Operator also checks it out weather condition before given the odds.  If there any chance of get the format short due to rain or other thing, than he always favor to team which playing 2nd.

Example –
Match Australia vs. Pakistan T20
1.   Australia betting first weather ok than odds 60_62    Australia.
2.  Australia betting first weather expected rain odds will be 82_83 Australia.
3.   If rain get start and match stop than how much match will be shorten that much odds will be move in the favor of betting 2nd team.

Toss Winner –

Toss effect the odds about 10–12 point + or – before start the match mostly when favorite win the toss than it move 10 points in the favor of favorite and if other team win the toss it move 5 point that side.

Example –
Match India vs. Pakistan T20
Odds 70_72 India
1.   India win the toss odds will be 62_63
2.   Pakistan win the toss odds will be 77_78  

Tomorrow we will publish how behave odds between the match till than bye and thanking you.